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Hopewell Fish & Game is a conservation club that hosts a wide variety of events and community services for both its members and non-members. To become a member visit our membership page.

Members have full access to the shooting ranges which includes the following: 
Rifle Range (50 yd, 100 yd, 200 yd, 300 yd)
Pistol Range
Archery Range
Sporting Clays Range

A recreational "catch and release" pond is also available for members!

Members are encouraged to get involved with the club and participate with a variety of events and work details.

Some events are not exclusive for members. Non-members may participate in most scheduled events and shooting matches.


Signups now available for the 2018 Big Buck Contest for members of Hopewell Fish & Game Association.

There are two categories, one for PA and one for out of state.  

It costs just $3.00 to enter and you may win a nice knife and bragging rights for the whole year!  

The winner in each category can also elect to get a full shoulder mount of his or her trophy for $135, thanks to Bobby Miller of Bob Miller Taxidermy.  (Thanks Bobby!)

Please contact David Marsteller, 717-515-7171, for more information or to sign up.


Volunteers needed on July 1st at the Trout building.

Lots of work to get ready for our next class of trout coming on July 11th.  I will be holding work day(s) starting at 8am on each of the coming two Sundays (June 24th and July 1st).  The projects include:

  • Repairing the raceway gates
  • Repairing the feeder racks
  • Repairing the dam board splashers and Top rails
  • Power Washing
  • Painting the raceway with Drylock
  • Removing the holdover tanks, pipes, and temporary dam
  • Cleaning and repairing the stocking tanks
  • Weed trimming and junk disposal
  • Air Stone cleaning

Come out and give a hand or call me if you want to work on any of the projects independently on other day(s).  Many thanks.

Allan Masters 508-844-1260

YOUTH DAY JULY 14th, 2018:

We need volunteers to help at all 5 stations at the YOUTH DAY on July 14th, 2018. To sign up to volunteer, click here.

Additionally, there are always jobs needing done at the club throughout the year, including feeding the trout, cleaning the clubhouse, stacking firewood and much much more. If you are looking for hours...members and member applicants should reach out to Dan Allen at 717-858-5459 or Don Carlisle at 717-818-6421.  Thank you.

Need a Target? 

Here is a printable download compliments of a Hopewell member.

Just click the target image to open in PDF format and hit print!

Committee Chairpersons:
Archery - Dan Allen

Big Buck Contest - Dave Marsteller

Club Rentals - Mike Waltermyer

Trout Co-Op - Allan Masters

Front Sign Board - Bill Benda

Funnel Cakes - Joe Berg


Hunter Safety - Don Carlisle
Pistol Range - Keith Safford

Rifle Range - John Hunt

Shotgun/Sporting Clays - Cary Walsh

Shotgun Clinic - Will Steg

Youth & Groundhog Shoots - John Hunt

Legislative Watch - Don Helms

Membership - Nadine Hubner

Have you witnessed a wildlife crime against big game (deer, turkey, bear and elk) or a species that is protected, endangered or threatened? Call Operation Game Thief's toll-free hotline, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to report wildlife violations: 1-888-PGC-8001 or fill out an Operation Game Thief Reporting Form online.

Calls to the Operation Game Thief telephone number are always answered by a secure recording device. Although it is beneficial to provide your contact information in case officers have follow-up questions, callers may remain confidential, however, those who wish to claim any monetary reward, must provide contact information.


Wildlife crimes affect us all, whether we are hunters, trappers, bird watchers or others who enjoy walking in the woods. The illegal shooting or taking of big game or protected, endangered or threatened species, or any crime against those species should be reported through Operation Game Thief. Other violations should be reported to the region office serving the county in which the violation is taking place as quickly as possible.



Please provide as many details as possible:

Description of WHAT YOU SAW and the SPECIES involved

DATE and TIME of occurrence


Description of PERSON(S): height, weight, hair color, eye color, approximate age, tattoo or other distinguishing feature, clothing, sporting arm

VEHICLE Description: color, make, model, dents, decals, bumper stickers; license number and state; road/route; direction of travel

Your name and phone number (required to claim any monetary reward) and whether or not you choose to remain confidential
If the suspected violation involves the killing of big game animals, or threatened or endangered species, an additional $500 penalty may be added to those convicted of committing the crime. This additional penalty may be added to fines levied upon those found guilty of Game and Wildlife Code violations. The $500 enhanced penalty goes into a special fund from which half the amount ($250) may be paid to the individual who provided the information that led to the conviction. The remainder will be used to offset the costs of Operation Game Thief.

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